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Welcome to my world of creativity, passion and kindness

Letting go and creating a space for something better - that's my world of Mandala art!

I'm Loralin, Welcome to my world of art, creativity, passion and kindness! I am an Artist in love with what I do! I was born in the Philippines but raised in the United States from the age of 2 and as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a pencil in my hand because of my passion for drawing. After graduation, I chose to become a hairdresser and stayed with that career for 28 years while my passion for drawing took a backseat. Now that I am retired, I’ve resumed my passion and enjoyment for art, and I love sharing my gifts to inspire and motivate others!

In January of 2018, I started drawing again. As a self-taught artist, I find peace and tranquility while creating original emotive and beautiful art. I create art without a paintbrush, on vinyl records, canvas, glass mediums, wall murals, and every day I am discovering more to transform as I receive inspiration from the Universe into my artwork. Always shifting, always growing and being moved by the spirit. My art is made with purpose and with YOUR intention when we connect. This is truly my happy place and I absolutely love what I do! My marriage of 20 years, 2 children, and 4 grandchildren are the loves of my life and nature is my inspiration as I passionately create my art.

My Artwork

Whenever I start a new piece of artwork, I begin in meditation. It’s important for me to

connect with Universe and embrace the inspiration that unfolds from this meditation.

When I’m creating a commission piece, it’s important for me to connect with you, the customer. As we connect through conversation, I’m able to feel your energy and understand why my artwork is calling to you. This is how we work together to create the perfect piece that will inspire you for years to come!

You may choose your own color scheme or ask me to choose the colors for you. You’ll know what to do once we’ve talked and I’m clear on your vision. After our conversation, I’ll sit in meditation to be inspired by the energy I feel from you and what I feel guided to create for you. These meditations are where I receive Divine downloads of shapes and colors that begin to spark the inspiration for your original hand-painted piece. Because each piece is unique to the person requesting my artwork, what I create for you can never be re-created for anyone else.

The original piece can take up to three weeks to create. Once it’s finished, I use a special grid with strategically placed crystals. Once I’ve activated the crystals, I meditate to connect the energy of the crystals and your unique piece of artwork to set an intention. Your piece is then named, cleared with sage and ready to deliver. The wall decals can be used as grids on any surface you choose. They will adhere to most smooth surfaces to use as a grid, for use on the wall or as a meditation piece. There are no random occurrences in the Universe; if my artwork has found you, you’ll know you’ve chosen the piece that’s in alignment with your own personal energy.

The importance of color

Color has a powerful influence on our moods, emotions and even our behaviour. Certain colors can brighten our mood, while others can make it somber. In fact, the colour of something can affect how we perceive it and how we interact with it. Moreover, colors have a vibration that can attract or repel different energies. For example, using certain colors in your home or office may help to create an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation. On the other hand, intense colors such as red or yellow may create a sense of excitement and energy. Furthermore, changing the color of your environment can also have an effect on your mental state and productivity levels. When I create a custom piece for my clients, I ask then to choose 3-4 colors of their choice because that art piece will be a part of their vibration created. I will add more colors to complete the Art piece that will help add more higher vibration to help lift them up as they look and soak in the art.

And finally...

We all need something to inspire us and lift our spirits up. That’s why it’s important to find our own happy places, where we can find peace of mind and joy. For me, my happy places are my garden, raising butterflies, painting, and coaching clients. I also love having coffee and great conversations with friends. It’s amazing how much these simple activities can do for us – they are free yet so powerful in helping us feel better and more fulfilled. Let’s make sure to take the time to find our own happy places so that we can stay motivated and inspired every day! Finding your happy places are free, so why not have as many as your heart desires.

If you would like to arouse your curiosity, please feel free to contact me to find out more about my art or you may want to commission a unique and special piece, to treasure for always.

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